Ultimate Vent is an easy to install, furnace fresh air intake vent pre-filter system for residential housing (HRVs). With a washable UL Class 2 filter that complies with National & Regional Building Codes, the Ultimate Vent’s air cleaner purifies the air for improving indoor air quality (IAQ)!

Reduce Levels Of Respirable Particles

From: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

  • removing foot-ware on entering
  • keeping major dust generators (smoking, pets, etc.) out of the house
  • reducing dust collecting surfaces (open shelves, carpets, upholstered furniture
  • frequent vacuuming with an efficient vacuum cleaner
  • reducing the entry of particle laden outdoor air by closing windows, improving air tightness, and installing an intake filter on the air supply
  • using a good filter

“BuiltGreen” (Checklist)

  • (4-2) Install electrostatic air cleaner on H.V.A.C. system – 2 Points
  • (4-5) Filter on all fresh air inlets – 1 Point
  • (4-13) All combustion appliances are sealed with no possible back-draft (heating system) – 3 Points

Benefits of the Ultimate Vent

Discover the Ultimate Vent’s benefits for furnace heating systems, Heat Recovery Ventilator’s (HRV’S) and indoor quality (IAQ).

The Ultimate Vent acts as an air cleaner, air purifier, dust collector, air filtration, and air filter. Thus keeping outdoor air pollutants and air pollution from penetrating the furnace and Heat Recovery ventilator’s (HRV’S) fresh air intake vents which in-turn gives you more efficiency from your furnace filter, better heating, less pollutants, pollution, less house dust, better dust control and giving asthma and allergy suffers all-round better indoor air quality (IAQ).

Protect your Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV’S), Heating System’s (furnace), air handling units, air ventilation system, air conditioning by using this pre-filtering fresh air intake vent that works as an air cleaner, air filter, air purifier, dust collector, air filtration, dust control and giving better indoor air quality (IAQ).


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