Installation Instructions

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* The Ultimate Vent fits 6”,5”, 4” fresh air intake duct, or can be flush mounted to the wall by removing the cap.

Step A: Preparation for Vinyl Siding

Trim Kit is pre-cut to length. Cut trim as shown below:


  • Bend tab down (refer to drawing)
  • Move right tab up on top trim for installation


  • Do not leave any tabs Right & Left side
  • Do not leave tabs on top corners (refer to drawing)

Step B: Assembly

  • To assemble, place bottom trim (no 4) in first.
  • Then place inter-locking sides (no 2 & 3) into the bottom (no 4).
  • Place trim (no 1) in the inter-locking top left corner.
  • Raise the right side to the top and bring the tab down to lock into place.


Step C: Installation

  • Cut on dotted lines to arrows.
  • Outline the existing trim with a pencil as a guide of where to cut.
  • Remove trim then remove metal caps.
  • Place 1st vent on 6″ hole. Place 2nd beside it for fitting.
  • If more space is required, remove it from the 2nd vent side.


  • Add new trim and vacuum fresh air intakes.
  • Caulk around inside of new trim and back of vent, then screw into place.


To Install on Stucco

  • Cut cap off where stucco meets cap.
  • Remove screen & vacuum pipe. Then flatten stucco where new vent mounts.
  • Pre-drill holes through vent & stucco.
  • Put caulking on back of vent then screw on to the wall & put a bead of caulking around the outside.