Residential Testimonials


I was a winner of an Ultimate Vent a few years back. At that time we didn’t have a fresh air vent in the home we lived in.

We were planning on building a new home in the very near future at that time. We are in our new home now and have installed the Ultimate Vent! Very appropriate name! Living out on the Farm, this vent has stopped all kinds of creepy crawlers and popular fuzz from entering our home via the vent. I can’t believe the bugs every time I go to clean the filter!

Thanks for a wonderful product,
Cheryl McKay, Manitoba, Canada Nature Wise Meat Goats/Riding Mountian Treasures

Dear John

We moved into my home at the end of March and got Ultimate Vent Inc to change out our old air intakes with their system. I live in a new area still under construction with sod and dirt flying around everywhere from neighboring yards. I have found an incredible difference in the dust that used to be in the house and my son’s allergy symptoms have improved. We had our heating company come in on our service call and the technician was surprised at how clean the filter was as it was 3 months ago. There just has not been a need to change to it as of yet. There just has not been a need to change it as of yet. I am a convinced customer with this product and am impressed by it’s results. If it makes my son feel better and I dust less, how much more happier could I be!??

Cindy Marten, Airdrie, AB

I am writing this as a satisfied customer of John Tocher. This product is one of those ingenious devices that someone should have come up with long ago, and I feel that it should be standard in every home, old or new. We noticed substantially less dust, dryer lint and insects in our house immediately after installation of the vent. In addition, John’s service was outstanding and professional. We as homeowners tend to spend on everything else except on our air quality entering our home. In my opinion, this is the best investment one can make on his or her home, and at an incredibly low cost.

I stand as a dedicated customer

Dr. Henry Seto, Calgary

I had the Ultimate Vent installed on my house a year ago, within 8 months of moving into my brand new house. I have certainly noticed a difference in the dust levels over the past year. The dust levels have diminished significantly. I also had Ultimate Vent installed on my son’s new house, he was having problems with bugs and spiders and said he hasn’t seen one in his house in the past year. It works admirably.

Thank you.

G.F (Gerry) Snell, Calgary, Commercial Banking Center

Dear Ultimate Vent

I would like to take a minute to relay my impression of your product “The Ultimate Vent”. Since putting vents on my combustion and fresh air intake there has been a visible reduction in the dust accumulating in my home. Being an asthmatic, this is of great concern, at present I am using my medication at half the rate previous to installing your vents, saving money and reducing the stress on my respiratory system. As well, I have noticed my furnace filters are not as dirty as before the installation of our vents. At first this concerned me but when I pulled the filters out of my Ultimate Vents my concern was abated. The filters from the Ultimate Vents were filthy, meaning the dirt and dust never had a chance to get into my home via my ducting. A quick rinse in the sink and my filters were as good as new, back in the vents in minutes. I’m not sure why, but no frost had accumulated on them in the winter. I was afraid they night get plugged and was prepared to clean them more often however this was not necessary.

Sorry for taking up so much of your time but I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I am recommending your vents to everyone I know, especially my friends at the Asthma Clinic.

Wanda Lewis, Calgary Consulting

Contractor Testimonials

Re: Ultimate Vents


The ultimate indoor air quality product. Chesney’s home comfort systems have been carrying the Ultimate Vent product for the past 3 years. Stopping dust and air pollutants before they enter into the heating system from outside is the first step in providing better air quality in your home. Most heating systems installed in the past 20 years have a fresh air intake taking fresh air from outside directly into your ductwork and your home. Before the Ultimate Vent with its specially designed filter, the pipe took all the dust and air borne particles into your systems air filter. Our customers have told us their air is a lot cleaner and they have a lot less dusting to do in their home since we installed the Ultimate Vent, along with the new electrostatic green filter we can offer better ways to improve air quality in your home.

Mike Donnelly, General Manager, A1 Chesney Air Care


Reference: The Ultimate Vent and Ultimate Filter.

airpro1For about three years, AirPro Heating has been carrying the “Ultimate Vent”. This product is truly the ultimate in improving a homes indoor air quality. By just simply taking a look inside of an old existing fresh air pipe, you see the layers of dirt, dead bugs and debris that accumulate over the years. Some fresh air!

Our customers that have the Ultimate Vent installed in their homes have noticed a marked reduction in the amount of dirt and dead bugs that are being caught in their furnace filters. By simply replacing the existing fresh air piping, or having it cleaned and installing the Ultimate Vent, you are assured that the air being brought into your home is truly – fresh air. For any homeowner looking to improve the quality of air that you breathe, a first stop should be the Ultimate Vent.

Over the years I have always steered clear of electrostatic filters due to the high resistance of air flow normally associated with this type of filter. With the introduction of the Ultimate electrostatic filter, I confidently recommend this affordable filtration option to my clients. This ASHRAE tested filter offers low airflow resistance and assures me that my customers are getting the benefit of a reusable filter without sacrificing their homes operational efficiency and shortened equipment life. For cost effective and efficient improvement for your homes indoor air quality, I recommend both of these products.

Robert Forseth, President

Re: Ultimate Vent

arpis1Ultimate Vents have been a welcome addition to our product lines. We have experienced great feed back from our customers and installers. These units Drastically decrease the amount of dust and pollutants that enter into the home creating a much healthier environment. This easy to use unit has proven it time and time again. With the introduction of the Ultimate electrostatic furnace filter, it has taken the effectiveness of this product and air quality one step higher.

I installed this product in my home and can attest to the Quality first hand. I would highly recommend this to, friends or our customers. We are proud to carry this product and look forward to many more years of working with these units

Phil Laprairie, Resident Department Manager, Arpi’s Industries Ltd

Re: Ultimate Vents

friesens1Our mission at Friesen’s Climate Control Ltd. is to provide our customers with a total comfort system that meets all climate control needs. We achieve this by finding the best mix of products, services, and value for quality home living.

In keeping with our mission. We have sourced a high value innovative product that provides the ultimate in indoor air quality while keeping the customers budget in mind. We have been installing the Ultimate Vent for the past two years. Our customers tell us their air is a lot cleaner and they have a lot less dusting to do in their home since we installed the Ultimate Vent. It is the first line of defense by stopping dust, air pollutants and insects before they enter the home heating system.

Recently, we have added Ultimate Vents new electrostatic green filter to our offerings as an added measure to filter the air circulating in the home. The green filter is one of the best performing furnace filters in its class. In combination with the Ultimate Vent, it provides the optimum in air purification. We believe you will not find a better indoor air quality control system for your investment.

We at Friesen’s Climate Control Ltd. are committed to your comfort and we continue to source, supply and install new products and services as part of our promise in finding the best products for your health and comfort. Ultimate Vent products are another way we tailored solutions to meet your comfort and budget expectations.

Brad Friesen President Friesen’s Climate Control Ltd.